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Indian civilization is more than 6000 years old and is the largest democracy in the world. It is the most populated (over 1 billion) the country of the world and lies in the South Asian Sub-continent.

 Indian food has evolved over centuries and has flourished under the many rulers that India had. Chefs vied with one another to create exotic delicacies for their rajahs (kings). The result is centuries of patronage to the art of cooking and a large repertoire of delicious recipes. Indian cuisine is gaining popularity around the globe. It is very tasty and its mainstay is whole grains, lentils (legume) and vegetables, which is what people want today. Indian food provides excellent variety of vegetarian food containing complete proteins as well as choice of healthy non-vegetarian dishes made from chicken, goat, lamb and seafood. 

Traditional Indian food does not contain beef and pork. A sparse amount of Indian food provides ideal amount of needed proteins and vitamins and it also has the health promoting properties of various herbs, garlic, ginger and spices. Yogurt, an accompaniment to Indian meals introduces good flora (acidophilus) into the digestive system. 

In INDIA GATE Restaurant, you will feel that each our dishes are made according to your preference & taste. We are dedicated to provide a simple elegant dining experience where you can cherish those memories even after and ever.

All our spices, masalas & Sauces are chosen individually and made from its primary ingredient to retain the flavours which are unique by itself. With our redefined legendary Hospitality, we welcome you to enjoy the inevitable dining experience we offer in INDIA GATE Restaurant.